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If you work for an IS department based in France which has international reach, Abraxio is now available in English. You can now work closely with all your colleagues, wherever they are worldwide.

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The only 360° IS management tool


4 integrated modules offering a comprehensive experience


Secure, manage in real time and optimise your costs

Lost count of the number of hours spent budgeting and rebudgeting in elaborate Excel spreadsheets, updating on progress and producing reports, making decisions to find ways to optimise, trying to show that your IS department is not a cost centre, but rather a profit centre…? Forget all that! Abraxio is here to help.

  • Fiscal years, Shutdowns, Build & Run
  • VAT, Fixed assets
  • Cash flow and P&L
  • Payroll
  • Commitments
  • Simulations, Mass imports


Transform your approach to project and activity portfolios

If you manage much more than just a multitude of projects, the challenges are manyfold: to keep embarking on high added-value projects, while controlling their impact and your capacity to achieve them in view of run activities; to manage progress effectively by identifying any excess, risks or difficulties at a glance. Yet also to bring all stakeholders onboard through overviews and work views tailored to the needs of each individual. Abraxio really makes a difference, offering a project module truly designed for CIOs and their teams.

  • Gantt chart, workload planning and budgeting
  • Value analysis and scoring
  • Forecasts and reporting
  • Automatic portfolio updates from projects
  • Native project budget / annual department budget reconciliation


Reliable supplier data, all in one place

From subscriptions to service providers, software to hardware, your IS department may use 20, 70 or even 120 suppliers. Clouded by shadow IT, perhaps your base is exponential and fragmented, making it harder to keep risks and budgets under control. Abraxio can offer you clarity.

  • Reminder of key deadlines
  • Access to useful, reliable contract information
  • Real-time monitoring of commitments
  • 360° view of suppliers
  • Organised document system


Organise your business, collaborate, manage skills, delegate… and breathe!

Do you lead a team of experts, managers and project managers, in daily contact with business teams, seeking meaning and a sense of responsibility? Do you allocate skills, man-days, plan for the unknown and for downtime? Let Abraxio help you manage the sometimes unpredictable nature of these human dimensions.

  • Work schedules, availability, allocations, capacity planning
  • Real-time alignment of forecast budgets (allocated and spent)
  • Skills management
  • Controlled delegation and empowerment

Abraxio in short

100% IS-focused

Affinity software solution designed for CIOs
by former CIOs

Aimed at everyone

Simple subscription model, suitable for any size
of IS department

Strong growth

+ 100 new customers
per year


Peer to peer recommendations is our leading driver of development


We are united through strong values and commitments which we strive to implement every day

Driven and conditioned by commitment to customers

We focus all our efforts on customer satisfaction. While in no way infallible, we continually strive for excellence for our customers, and aim to stand out from the crowd through the command and implementation quality of our solutions and support.

A caring approach

In all our human interactions, we seek to forge caring, considerate relations based on an attentive, understanding and open approach as well as mutual trust. We welcome feedback as we know this will help us make progress. A caring approach in now way detracts from our exacting standards, it simply gives a human element to our relations which naturally encourages positive dialogue and mutual support.

A respectful manner

As we are rooted in the work of IT professions, above all else we hold deep regard for the people involved and the vital role they play in the success of an organisation; we understand and greatly respect their challenges and needs, and do everything in our power to protect and support them. On a day-to-day basis, this respect is reflected in our commitment to do business with integrity, honesty, loyalty to our commitments and to our customers, and to ensuring these relationships are reciprocal.

A pragmatic mindset

Every day, we devise and develop solutions always aiming to make a positive impact and a useful contribution to CIOs’ work and to their added value to the company. Aware of needs in the field, we seek to set ourselves apart by offering practical, efficient, smart solutions to CIOs’ concerns, which are quite simply well designed and well implemented.

Anchored in the daily life of IS departments, Abraxio is the specialized platform for managing all aspects of IS department activity: budget, projects, suppliers and teams.